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Site News - Feb. 24, 2016

Happy soon to be Spring!

Our current project is a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive. Fly through space on your rocket ship helping planets in need of creatures by breeding mutatos. To breed mutatos you simply pick one up in each hand and bop them together, the baby will randomly inherit traits from both parents. Mutato Match is based on and old 2d game jam prototype that we made... the same one that inspired the Mutato Magic Maker ;)

You may have noticed that there have been very very few updates to the Emerald Activities website. The main reason is that our focus has shifted a lot more towards VR and away from 2d development. That being said, I still plan to do some more makers and colouring books when life calms down. As the kids get older I should also have a little more time as well ;)

Challenge and Contest

For the time being, contests and challenges have been paused. Hopefully we can figure out a way that other mods than myself can run them, if so they will make a return in the nearish future :)

General Information

What is Emerald Activities:

Emerald Activities is a family friendly site with a focus on creativity. Members and visitors make and share images in our online Colouring Books and Magic Makers.

The colouring books allows you to fill, stamp, and paint images. The Magic Makers are a drag and drop activity (like dress up games) but you can rotate pieces, colour them, scale them up and down, or layer them. Members (membership is free) can also fill them with patterns and move creations from one Magic Maker to another.

Members also get a gallery for their own work, and by participating in various activities they earn treasures (extra pieces) and emeralds that can be used to purchase new pieces in the market. We also have a forum where users can share their creations and get to know one another. (Members under the age of 13 need permission from their parents to be able to fully participate in the forum.)

Emerald Activites on Other Sites:

Emerald Activities now also has a Facebook Page, a Deviant Art Group, a Youtube Channel, and a Twitter Page. We will occasionally host special contest, events, and challenges on those sites, so don't be shy about checking those out and sharing them with your friends.